Things to do

If the Know Your Neighbour Weekend is to be a success, we need people to take the lead and bring people together in their neighbourhood. While only YOU can get to know your neighbours, we can facilitate you in organising events to bring people together by supporting you through advice and publicity. Why not get together with one other neighbour and plan an event for your road, street, estate, or even parish if you feel really adventurous?

Remember to download the Know Your Neighbour posters and invites to help you!

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Why not have a barbeque and invite your neighbours? Alternatively you could have a communal barbeque on your local green area where a number of people could bring out their barbeques. People could bring their own food and you could mingle while you eat!

Coffee morning

Why not invite a number of your neighbours over for coffee on Saturday or Sunday morning? All you need to do is send out the invitations and stock up on your tea and coffee. You could ask participants for donations to cover costs and send any excess on to a local charity.

Social dancing

Who doesn't love to dance? Why not book your local hall for an evening and organise an evening of social dancing.

Share and grow

More suitable for people in towns and cities who are not lucky enough to have big gardens, neighbours could team up and source an allotment and start growing plants or vegetables.

Local classes

Another way to meet people in your locality is to arrange classes, such as yoga or painting. People in an area have many talents so why not use them, and learn something new.

An alternative school tour for neighbours!

A group of neighbours could go away for the afternoon to visit a local attraction such as a park or historical site. All you need to do is send around details and seek deposits from people before a certain date and then book the bus.

Treasure hunt

Why not try a family style treasure hunt around your local area, stopping off at interesting places in your locality. This could be done in cars or on foot.

Sports day/ evening

You could have sports day in a local field or on your green with various fun activities for children and adults such as relay races, egg and spoon races, sack races, skittles etc. You could also consider a non-contact football match for adults and children and draw the two teams out of a hat! The invites and posters will be helpful in organising this.

A night at the Dogs

Why not get your neighbours together and go for a night at the dogs? All you have to do is send out invites, letting people know what night you're planning to go and indicating a meeting point in the stadium for people in your neighbourhood who want to attend.

Cheese and wine evening

Similar to a coffee morning, but probably more suited as an evening activity. All you have to do is send out your invites, buy wine and cheese and clean the house! Again, you could ask for donations on the night to cover costs and pass on the excess to a local charity.

Local historical walk

Many of your neighbours may know little about their local community. Why not ask a local historian or even just somebody who has been living in the area for a long time to act as guide for a walk taking in some of the local features? Why not use the posters and invites to highlight the event.

Hill walk

Similar to a local walk but a little more strenuous! You wont need a guide- all you have to do is select the hill, set a meeting point, send out your invites and put up your posters.

Local area tidy up

People could come together to do a clean up of there area. This is a good way to meet people while also making a positive contribution to your area.